Friday, June 09, 2006

Veggie Gardens in dry conditions

Because here in Florida we have two additional seasons: Dry (drought) and Wet (hurricane) the early part of the growing season can be difficult. My husband and I have two separate methods for combating the dry conditions.

For myself, I start my seeds indoors and early, then I transplant them into containers for the first cycle of growth. With this method I can ensure adequate moisture levels in the crucial growth stages. When the plants are ready, usually around late May, I transplant them into my actual garden.

Now my Husband thinks that this is two steps too many. His garden thrives every year despite the yearly dry season. His method is simple. He begins in late February by turning the leaves he stores from the fall into the garden soil. Then when he is ready to sow the seeds, instead of making individual holes and covering the seeds with the soil, he makes a shallow trench row, spreads the seeds, and then covers the seeds with more leaves. He waits until after dark to do his watering so that more of the water gets to the plants for a longer period of time.

Both these methods have worked for us year after year. If you have a time issue the second method may be best for you.

Happy Gardening!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I made this simple porch "step" garden in one day.

To make I went to my local home supply store (Home Depot, Lowe's ect) and bought the 'do it yourself' steps I choose the four steps sliders, do not forget your anchors! I then bought pre-cut wood to make the fronts and had the sides cut on site to fit. Once I had all my pieces I brought them home. Choosing the appropriate site is not that difficult. First decide where you have the room for such a project. I went with the 3 feet long steps, you don't have to get that large. Once assembled I THEN choose the plants. In my case this area of my porch is considered a "sunny" or full sun location based on recieving more than 5 hours of direct sun light. The plants I choose are all sun loving and as you can see are thriving well.

June- to plant or not to plant

Depending on your location, June can be a wonderful time to plant.
Here in North Florida I am usually able to plant a wide variety year around. This time of year I usually consentrate on the late bloomers.
Now is not the time however, to plant seeds in most regions.