Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I made this simple porch "step" garden in one day.

To make I went to my local home supply store (Home Depot, Lowe's ect) and bought the 'do it yourself' steps I choose the four steps sliders, do not forget your anchors! I then bought pre-cut wood to make the fronts and had the sides cut on site to fit. Once I had all my pieces I brought them home. Choosing the appropriate site is not that difficult. First decide where you have the room for such a project. I went with the 3 feet long steps, you don't have to get that large. Once assembled I THEN choose the plants. In my case this area of my porch is considered a "sunny" or full sun location based on recieving more than 5 hours of direct sun light. The plants I choose are all sun loving and as you can see are thriving well.


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